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Q: What does a locksmith do?

Locksmiths can install, service, repair & Maintain all types of mechanical and electronic locks & security products – keys, locks, safes. Locksmiths are highly skilled and are required to be trade qualified and hold a security licence to work as a locksmith in NSW.

Q: When should I call a locksmith?

You should call a locksmith to secure your home, office, or premises to protect from unauthorised access, intruders, theft, etc and to comply with insurance requirements. To change the locks if you lose your key or move into a new house, apartment or property which was previously occupied or if the locks are broken & need replacement. If you are locked out of your home or office – a locksmith can gain access with minimum damage and cost. In short, anything to do with locks, keys, safes & security.

Q: I have lost my keys do I have to replace my locks?

In most cases No you don’t! Secure.Lock Locksmiths can assist you with lost keys by re-keying your existing lock cylinder (changing the pins inside the cylinder to create a new combination) or by replacing the cylinder itself, there is no need to replace the lock if you lose your keys.

Q: Can I make all my locks operate on the same key?

In most cases yes you can! It depends on the type & brand of the locks. But usually we can re-key all your locks to operate on just one key for your convenience.

Q: Can anyone become a locksmith in Sydney NSW?

All professional locksmiths in NSW have to do a 4 year apprenticeship certificate lll in locksmithing & pass police checks to obtain a 2c security licence to work as a locksmith.

Q: Im locked out, will my key still work after you open my lock?

Yes, it is very rare that the key will not work as normal after we gain entry to your premises. We use special tools that cause no damage to the lock or door. Our locksmiths are highly trained & skilled professionals.

Q: I want new window locks fitted, can I have them all work of one key?

Yes we can install all types of window locks, and we can key them alike for you.

Q: Do you offer an emergency service?

Yes, Secure.Lock Locksmiths believe that you & your family should be safe in your home, work place or any premises that’s owned and occupied by you at all times. So regardless of your emergency, whether its lost keys, broken locks, break-in’s or you would just like to upgrade your locks we will do our best to come out to your property immediately and fix any security issues you may have anywhere in Sydney & surrounding suburbs.

Q: Why should I trust Secure.Lock Locksmiths?

Secure.Lock Locksmiths staff are highly trained & qualified professionals with many years of experience. We are very respectful to all our customers and take customers security & safety very seriously. All our staff have had criminal history checks and hold NSW Police (SLED) Security Licenses.

Q: Can I have deadlocks or deadbolts installed on my doors at home?

Yes, we can supply and install dead locks or deadbolts on any entry/exit door in your home. We can also install deadlocks on garage doors, laundry doors, storage rooms, sheds, gates or any door that you want to secure. In fact, the insurance company will probably insist that you have deadlocks and window locks installed before they insure your property.

Q: Do you have EFTPOS payment options?

Yes, our locksmiths all carry mobile EFTPOS terminals for you convivence. We also accept Cash, Bank Transfer & Accounts can also be setup for approved customers.

Q: My key is broken in the lock what should I do next?

Keep the broken part of the key. Call us to book an appointment for a locksmith to come out and remove the broken key out of the lock. We can make a new key with the broken parts or we can create a new key to your lock.

Q: Do you have all the locks & parts available or do you need to order my locks?

Yes, we stock a large variety of all residential and commercial locks & door hardware. But if you have a rare or not so common lock we can organise to have one delivered and installed in no time.

Q: Can you install a digital lock on my house door?

Yes. Contact us to book an appointment. We can supply, install & program all types & brands of high tech or basic keyless digital locks.

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