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Why you should use US to secure your home and office.

It’s understandable that everybody wants to find the cheapest alternative to every service. However, there are some services where cutting corners can be dangerous. One of such is security and ensuring your home and office is safe. There is just little point in gambling when it comes to saving a few bucks when trying to secure your savings and it is better investing in quality you can trust.

Locks, being essential accessories as far as security is concerned, occasionally require attention for various reasons. Whether it be from emergencies like; lockouts, failures due to wear and tear or broken keys where repairs and replacements might be deemed necessary. However, there’s just so much at work in the background when both a non-certified locksmith and a certified locksmith quote different prices. Unfortunately, it’s only when the worst happens that it becomes obvious the importance of safety and why choosing a licensed locksmith is critical. In such cases, licensed lock service companies, like us, should be your undoubted choice for the following reasons.

24/7 Emergency Services

Emergency Services

As a professional locksmith company, you can be assured that we are solely invested in helping our clients with all of their safety needs. This is not only to protect the good reputation we take a lot of pride in for giving our customers 100% satisfaction, but also our drive to always be as professional as possible in all our dealings.

Therefore, if it happens, as much as we do not wish it on you, that you lose your house keys on your way back home or you forgot your car keys in the car or anywhere else. It is important that you know the risks of entrusting your security and the security of your properties to complete strangers. We understanding how unnerving this can be, and without the time to check up the integrity of unknown locksmiths, you need a go-to service you can trust. You can count on us to arrive within minutes to sweep you out of any unfortunate circumstance regarding locks with the best solutions that will avoid any permanent damage or minimize any unavoidable damage.

Our licensed locksmiths are at your beck and call every day, and in the quickest response time,  with professional level of service aimed at providing the clients with as much as 100% satisfaction guaranteed. By preparing a lockout plan in advance, or just having their contacts, depending on your location, you can get a helping hand or consultation at the very least.

Free Quotes for Costs

We are available for price quotes upon request, so businesses or homeowners can fix the expected costs into whatever budgets they have prepared or will prepare.


Why use Secure Lock Locksmiths

Every personnel we send out, has the weight of our reputation on his shoulders to provide the best and most exceptional service to our clients. More importantly, each of them are officially licensed and has been thoroughly researched for any uncomfortable history before selection into our ranks. Also, they are all registered with professional locksmith bodies charged with keeping locksmiths in line.

When you reach out to non-licensed locksmiths, you should know that you are handing them the keys to all your properties in that home, office or even your car, and there is nothing stopping them from taking it all. After all, it is not a strange story that a locksmith walks into a home he has worked on the security of, because he was trusted with a job and he took advantage of that trust by conveniently getting himself a spare key, of course, at the expense of the person requesting for his services. On the other hand, never has it been heard that a representative of the company compromised the client’s trust in any way. This means unlike the non-certified locksmiths, we can be trusted with your security with the full knowledge that our love for our respectable reputation will bind us.

Using the Latest Equipment

You can’t expect non-licensed locksmiths to have the best tools for the lock-smithing job. Nevertheless, when what is at risk is you bearing the financial burden for damages or injuries during the installation, it might be a better idea to rely on the certified professional who not only have the prescribed tools for the job, but the right bend of experience and know-how to apply it.

We have possession of the best and latest equipment to avoid the disadvantageous situations that non-certified locksmiths go through. This not only means that damages are avoided, as much as practicably possible, but it allows the locksmiths to have better focus while doing an exceptional job with tools and equipment with perfect fit.


Using the Latest Equipment

Locksmiths you might encounter could have only gotten so far by gaining experience through the infamous trial and error method and probably just a day of training.

All our personnel have undertaken tests and accredited trainings at registered training organizations before they are given certification. They are certified able to take care of any emergency professionally. Also, they are directed to update themselves with the latest tools and certificates in the locksmith industry. This way, they are exposed to the innovative ways of problem solving that will assure even more qualitative service after recommendation for service.

After this, they will also be in a position to proffer security tips and suggestions that will help you prepare against any security breaches. All this, combined with the wealth of experience gathered over years of locksmithing should put your heart at ease about the lock fix.

They have also filed all the obligatory paperwork, and have committed to the rules and regulations of federal government agencies, at the risk of losing his certifications after any deviation from professional conduct.

Bonded and Insured Locksmiths

The locksmiths related to our company are bonded, this means that they are to be held responsible for any damages that occur during the course of the installation or replacement of the locks in contention. The agreement depends on the situation and could mean you get back a percentage of the money paid or the locksmith simply covers the fee of any damages. Although you can understand that accidents are bound to happen in one way or the other in this line of work, it must be comforting that the reparation fee is none of your concern.

This becomes very important when the latest locks develop faults, and the complicated nature of their designs prove problematic for people without a grounded knowledge base that can handle the situation. In order to get the problem solved, a locksmith without a certificate arrives and gets you the access you want and leaves with payment. Only for you to discover that your locks, cylinders and door broken. Of course, by this time, the locksmith is gone, and you’re left red-faced.

With us, not only do you have the confidence that we can handle any lock-related issue as neatly as possible, we are confident that we will provide you the best and most professional service in your time of need.

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