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Security Basics Locks, Keys and everything in between.

There is no reason that every occupant, family member, friend, employee or client shouldn’t feel safe in any property may it be residential or commercial. Not only should it give the landlord, business owner or homeowner peace of mind that they and the occupants are safe but also their possessions and inventory. This is why it is imperative to have premium, heavy-duty locks, which form the foundation of a successful security system.

Not every lock is designed and manufactured equally. Perhaps to your surprise, locks come in all different shapes and sizes and are designed to suit particular purposes.

This means you should not have “just any” lock on your front door, cabinet, office doors, etc. The lock that will best suit "you" will be dependent on the property's design and function.

For example, a bank door will have a different lock to that of your front door? Most likely yes, unless you have expensive taste and a particular preference for locks.

Types of Locks and Purpose

Depending on where you live or where you work, your security level and needs will be different from the home, apartment or business next door. Some homes will have a single door lock, while others have a deadlock or the addition of a flyscreen. And unless you have a variety of door types (timber, sliding, screen) then you may not realise the grand scale.

To make it simple locks can be grouped by the following categories entrance doors, internaldoors, windows, garages, and industry-specific cabinets, safes and more.

Popular Residential Locks include:

001 & 002 Deadlocks, deadbolts, patio bolts, window locks, mortise locks, entrance locks, privacy locks, glass door locks, security screen door locks, garage door locks, mailbox locks, door closers and cam locks.    

There is also specialised Fire Rated lever entrance locks, fire compliant 002 deadlocks, and Flood-proof locks.

Commercial security locks include:

Mortise locks, deadlocks, deadbolts, fire rated lever locks, security bolts, door closer, garagedoor high-security bolts and bars, filing cabinets and more.

Modern technology is forever improving security and so is the range of electronic locks and locking systems which include combination, pin, swipe and more recently fingerprint and facial recognition.

Brands Matter

Of course, it depends on your lock type, however in general most reputable high-quality brands will have premium products which will include fire resistant and the more modern keyless locks. Premium brands usually include a diverse product range of locks for both commercial, residential and industrial properties.

At Secure Lock Locksmiths, we stock industry rated brands including LOCKWOOD, WHITCO, KABA, YALE, GAINSBOROUGH, ADI, BRAVA, LEGGE, ABUS and more.

When should you replace your locks?

Depending on circumstance locks in any given property, may it be residential, commercial or industrial may need replacing yearly (change of lease) and others every five-ten years (recommended).

You have moved to a new property (residential or commercial)

First and foremost, locks should be changed as a safety precaution, as you don’t know if the previous tenant/s have misplaced or haven’t returned all the keys to the property. This way you can ensure that you have control of who will have access to keys and allows you to have a master key especially if you have restricted access area. For example, a master key for all apartment doors or a restricted key for manager’s office.

Faulty locks

Not only are broken and damaged locks frustrating and annoying, but they also can be a barrier to your safety. And think in the worst case scenario if you are in danger and need to enter your property quickly a faulty lock could be the difference between safety and danger. Faulty looks also mean you have a higher chance of being locked out, and apart from our fantastic service, it isn’t pleasant being unable to enter your home or business with the possibility of not only an inconvenience but also the potential for loss of income.


This should be a given. If your home or business has been broken into without question,

your locks should be replaced regardless if the locks were damaged it is essential to get your locks replaced. Not only does it reassure you that your property may it be your home or business, and its contents are secure but also you, your family and employees are safe too.

Lost keys.

This is usually an oversight to most, especially when teenagers and children tend to lose their keys often. However, it is imperative for safety not only for a home but also a business to not merely get another a key cut. You cannot place a price on safety and those valuable possessions inside your property. There are additional measures you can implement to minimise keys being lost such as combination key holders, combination locks, swipe cards and much more.

Security Upgrade including Access Control

Whether you have expanded your business or have decided to move towards a more efficient lock system, access control is a system design that is aimed to restrict access to specific areas. May it be in the form of master keys, combination locks, and electronic systems. Electronic Access control systems allow you to program swipe cards and buzzers which will enable you to not only individually program and alter access levels but also monitor when and where areas were accessed and by whom.

Our Locksmith Service

We come to you. When you use Secure Lock Locksmiths, you can expect reliable and high- quality customer service to properties of all shapes and sizes throughout Sydney. We provide locksmith services which repair, replace and restore security to homes and businesses which has helped build our reputation as one of the best residential and commercial locksmiths in Sydney. 

Whether you have a faulty lock or have wanted to add a little more piece of mind to yourhome or business, we are the perfect service for you.

Emergency Service

We offer a 24/7 emergency mobile locksmith service for when you need us most. We help get you into your home or business and restore the security that your home or property deserves.

Our western Sydney locksmiths service the Greater Sydney region including:

  • St. George
  • Parramatta
  • Canterbury- Bankstown
  • Liverpool-Fairfield
  • Sutherland, and
  • Hills- Macarthur/Camden.

Don’t risk the safety of your family, friends, employees, and possessions any longer.

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