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How you can better secure your home or office?

With every passing year, the records show an increase in the crime rates, whether they are ‘safe communities’ or ‘ghettos’, the threat facing us all is the same when it comes to security. Crime can occur anywhere, and we always think that it won’t happen to us. As long as every door needs and has a key, there can be no foolproof plan against theft. Gone are the days where leaving a spare key under the mat is safe enough to keep your home secure. In this post we are going to be discussing the necessity for having good home and office security, as well as providing some valuable tips you can practical apply to ensure optimal security.  

Both homes and workplaces are in need of strong security to keep the premises safe, as we all recognize how dangerous a theft can be either at home or within the office.

However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to narrow down the window of opportunity for any person or people getting ideas about breaking into your home or office. It just means that more practical steps that must be taken to make it hard for any burglar to go about his business in your premises. We believe in good security and are here to help you ensure you take all the precautions necessary to ensure your locks are foolproof and intruders are unable to enter.

Unfortunately, most people feel less inspired to take these steps until they have fallen prey to a burglary or their friends and family have shared a story scary enough for them to act. This complacency, is what opportunists rely on. This will be a guide as to how make your living and working spaces such fortresses that you end up stealing both his time and effort.


For Your House

Get Some Scarecrows – no, not that kind!

Home Security

This doesn’t imply a wooden cross wearing a straw hat. This could be a dog, not the electric devices advertised by some companies for producing barking sounds – those duds don’t scare anyone – real dogs. They are useful for a lot of reasons. One of them is the aforementioned barks, which are useful against those criminals who are left confused by the barks to heights of fear by assuming that the dog is vicious, thus preventing their attempts. More importantly, there are two things a thief doesn’t want as he is going about his operation. The first is being seen during the crime and the second is having to spend too much time before he is able to break into the premises. Dogs do the former, by pulling attention towards themselves by barking loudly, they increase the chances of the thief gaining more visibility, which is not what he wished to get from Santa. This is why some people have come to understand that just a “beware of dogs” sign pasted or hung on the walls of the fence is good enough security policy, even though it obviously isn’t an idea that should be overutilized or used for too long.

Other options include motion or infrared sensors designed to use the heat signature or the movement of the intruder to trigger electronic traps or alarms. For effectiveness, the types of alarms used are only the alarms with blaring horns or extremely bright lights that focus on the path that the criminal takes along the sea of infrared sensors.

Of course, these sensors must be modulated to pick out only when intruders pass and not go up every time when rodents or wild animals go through them.

Continuously evaluate the weaknesses of your residence

Security teams can be contacted to help you conduct a little evaluation test to spell out the various places your building needs a good touch or another. We work with these security teams to provide the highest quality locksmith services and change the locks when you feel your safety at home or work might be a concern. If you don’t want to go so far, you can simply walk around your property with the mindset of getting some things stolen. This will help you detect the different places that your house needs a touch or two in its security aspect. It may be an additional lock on the laundry where you can see it is becoming old and rusted.

Relate with your neighbors

Whether you’re up for the task of installing CCTV cameras or not – one of the ways you can ensure you always have an extra pair of eyes and ears on ground in your neighbors. One of the advantages of having tight-knit communities is that they can offer an outside perspective as well as an alarm, anytime that something suspicious is afoot. Also, because it is very possible that they have a different daily schedule to yours, they will give you a different type of 24-hour surveillance program


For Your Office.

Look into Integrated Security Systems

Office Security

Advanced security systems have been developed to flawlessly blend with your office as it is usually made unique to the needs of your office. CCTVs, Access Control management, Central monitoring, SonaVision and Audio Intrusion Detection are just few of the numerous new methods that have been developed to put the reins of your security right in the palm of your hands.

Deliberate Your Employees and Their Freedom of Access

Employees betraying the trust of their companies or corporations is certainly no news. That is why the process of screening prior to handing over the employment letter should include a security clearance check into the past of the employee or seek out references just in case. If you need to change the locks due to a disagreement with a past employee, was can assist in this process and have your office fully secured in no time.

Also, you should consider adopting methods to dictate and track the level each employer has to the locations and facilities of the company. This will make it easier for you to nip ideas of theft in the bud.

Lock Up all the Information.

 The life of any business depends heavily on information. When company’s information is allowed to leave the office, the risks around the company are multiplied. So, think long and hard as to what can keep the information in the office as it should be. Do you require an additional lock on a storage room? Or where money is kept on the premises? We can assist in making these areas of your office secure so that you have peace of mind.

Seek Advice

For the best results, it is always preferable to confide in someone with a background in security or a locksmith who is certified with years of experience. We can help guide you to make the best decisions for the security of your home of service.

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